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J/24 Texas
Home of the Texas Regatta Circuit
2016 Texas Circuit
2016 Official Documents
Notice of Circuit
AYC 2016

Austin Yacht Club
Texas State Championship
March 19-20

FWBC 2016

Fort Worth Boat Club
Cowtown Stampede & Southwest Championship
April 16-17

DCYC 2016

Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club
Corinthian Cup
May 21-22
Registration ~ NOR

CCYC 2016

Corpus Christi Yacht Club
Surfin' Safari
June 11-12

HOOD 2016

Houston Yacht Club
Beasley Cup & HOOD
September 17-18

J/FEST 2016

Lakewood Yacht Club
J/Fest Southwest
October 29-30

LCYC 2016

Lake Canyon Yacht Club
Texas Circus
November 19-20

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Southwest Championship Winner - Natalie Harden
Written by Mark Smith   

The Fort Worth Boat Club hosted the 2016 Southwest Regional Championship World Qualifier in conjunction with our annual Cowtown Stampede Circuit Stop on April 16th and 17th.  Fort Worth has held this Circuit Regatta since 1980 with a long tradition of it being a heavy air regatta, and this year was no exception. Twelve boats made the starting line in conditions ranging from 15 to 25+ mph winds, overcast, and fortunately warm enough to wear shorts. The fleet was very competitive on Saturday with both sides of the course able to find new breeze and with surprises coming out of both corners both upwind and downwind. The first race started off with a mix of genoas and jibs with both making it to the front of the fleet. In the first race, GIGGLES was OCS as was After Midnight – GIGGLES went on to win the race and After Midnight well..not so much! In Race 2, After Midnight rounded the weather mark in first followed by Juan Mauri and Mauri Pro, GIGGLES, Miss Conduct and in a distant somewhere was Kelly Holmes on BadMoon. As After Midnight had retaken the lead heading to the second weather mark and most competitors rolling up the left side of the course – out of nowhere on the right side came BadMoon to jump into a lead she never relinquished! Corner Banging Kelly Holmes!

2016 SW Champions

Race 3 on jibs only, Juan Mauri on Mauri Pro jumped out to a nice lead and took the bullet at the finish line. Later in the protest hearing Mauri Pro was DSQ’d thus giving the bullet to Bow 01 James Freedman and Miss Conduct and everybody moved up one. In the 4th race, there was a course change going on for the J/105 class with a major wind shift from 135 to 115 and the RC, in an effort to get our race off, went ahead and sent us to the newly dropped J/105 Change of Course mark. We knew the course had changed, but up against a shoreline and in an effort to get in the fourth race we were sent to the orange tet which caught many of us by surprise. The race turned into a shortened yet competitive one in which GIGGLES took the bullet followed by BadMoon, Mauri Pro, Superman, and After Midnight.  Mauri Pro was DSQ’d again for a foul at the starting line with Gray Wolf and everybody moved up yet another point.  

Juan and Mauri Pro sailed very well at the top of the fleet but ended up having a rough day!

Saturday night the party was slow moving after a full day on the water in good, big breeze leaving most of us fried to a crackly crunch! Great to see so many friends up at the bar and the party, but everyone quickly went off to bed after dinner.

Sunday the lake was hit with huge lightning storms, torrential rains which continued into the week in Texas, and our lake is closed as I write this. The lightning knocked out power to the crane and I suggested we come back the following Saturday to finish the regatta. 

At the trophy presentation Sunday we had two boats tied in first with 8 points. Congratulations go to Natalie and Team GIGGLES who won the tie breaker over Kelly Holmes and BadMoon. Bob lamented that perhaps we shouldn’t have tie breakers – sometimes boats are just tied and should be left as tied for first. This is one of those times for sure as neither boat had the benefit of completing the 6 races this weekend. In second was Kelly Holmes and BadMoon, third was James Freedman and Miss Conduct and fourth place was yours truly on After Midnight! The trophy presentation was an awesome fleet bonding session and a reminder that we have the best racing fleet of any kind going on in the State of Texas! 

If you’re reading this and you have a J/24 come race with us. If you don’t have a J/24 but want to join a super competitive fleet full of the best sailors and best people then get a J/24 and come join the Texas Fleet – which has always been one of the best in the country and still is! You will be met with people who share their knowledge and are eager to help the back of our fleet get to the front of our fleet!

I would like to thank everyone for coming to Fort Worth! The Austin Yacht Club Fleet with John Parker working hard is giving us a big shot in the arm and of course Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club with Kelly and Tonja Holmes-Moon and Tim Johnson and their fleet has something very special going on! The party moves to DCYC May 21 and 22nd and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Going to be a big time – for those of you who love to camp – my tent will be there and I’ll see you on the starting line!

Mark W. Smith
After Midnight

2015 Texas Circuit Winner - Team Miss Conduct
Written by Tonja Holmes-Moon   

The 2015 Texas Circuit brought front runners to the top of the fleet early on in the year. At the first three circuit stops, three different first place teams were crowned, James Freedman and Team Miss Conduct for the GBCA Performance Cup (which put his name on the perpetual trophy), Natalie Penner and Team GIGGLES for the Cowtown Stampede which also served as the Southwest Championship (our Districts 14 and 18 championship), and Kelly Holmes-Moon and Team BadMoon for the Corinthian Cup (yet another perpetual trophy).MissConduct

The next three regattas the battle between these three continued with Team Miss Conduct winning the Surfin' Safari in Corpus and Team GIGGLES winning the HOOD (and the Beasley Cup, which is the longest ever perpetual trophy of the J/24s) and J/Fest.

At the last circuit stop of the 2015 season, the Texas Circus at Canyon Lake Yacht Club, the scores were still too close to determine which one of these three front runners would win the circuit. 

Photo - Theo Hasse, Victor Alcaraz & James Freedman

Get Your Bow Numbers!
Written by Tonja Holmes-Moon   

It's almost time to get those new Bow Nos. on your boat for the 2016 Circuit Season!! Bow Nos. 1-10 are reserved, as are Bow Nos. that are routinely used.

Need a Bow No.? Check out this list for your new number and be sure to email Tonja at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it with your number so the list can be updated.

Bow No. List

Bow Numbers for the Texas Circuit
Written by Tonja Holmes-Moon   

Below will describe how to affix your bow numbers for the Texas Circuit regattas.

For scoring and identification of boats, unique bow numbers are required to be fixed to both external port and starboard sides of the forward bow area of each competing boat’s hull. These numbers must be affixed as follows:

a)     The leading edge of the forward number shall be 12” aft of the stem.

b)      The top edge of both numbers shall be 6” from the rail.

c)     All numbers must contrast with the color of the hull and be at least 12" in height.

bow no

It is the responsibility of each participating boat to obtain and affix their bow numbers to their yacht.

Bow numbers will be assigned to each participating boat for the duration of the Circuit year. Bow numbers 01 through 10 are pre-assigned to the top ten (10)boats based on previous year’s circuit standings.

Bow numbers 11 through 99 are available for boats on a first come basis. Bow numbers 11 through 99 used in the previous circuit year will be reserved for the boat that declared it in that previous year. Numbers used in the previous circuit year can be found at www.j24texas.com under Standings.

Bow numbers for the current Circuit are considered declared once a boat has registered for a regatta using the declared bow number. Issues relating to bow numbers (e.g. assignment, placement, size, etc.) will be resolved solely by the Governor. 

To view bow numbers that have been used the prior year, click on this link

Who's Who in District 14
Written by Tonja Sanchez   

Kelly Holmes-Moon, District 14 Governor - (940) 399-9805

Bryan Dyer, Texas Circuit Representative - bdyer(at)woodmont.com

Tonja Holmes-Moon, Texas Circuit Secretary, Scoring & Website - sailboats4sanity(at)yahoo.com, (940) 808-6477

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